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Foundation of EBS
Foundation of Student Association
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The association „Studentenschaft der EBS e.V.“ represents the activities of all student initiatives in the Student Body, the so called resorts.
The Student Body is meant to be a voice for every student and aims to enhance student life at EBS. Therefore, it is an established part of the EBS University and is involved in numerous committees as well as in every organ of the university.

Student Initiatives

Besides the appearance towards the university, student initiatives shape the daily tasks of the student body. Clustered into three divisions, congresses, culture and social affairs and education,  these resorts contribute to the overall personal development and success of students at EBS.  Headed by various positions such as the “resort leader”, numerous possibilities for students are offered to participate and shape the student body.

Social commitment is highly appreciated and rewarded by the university and the student body. Students have to possibility to improve their overall chances  with respect to their semester abroad by taking over responsibility in student initiatives.

Sustainability and responsibility, as core values of our student body, decisively determine the decisions made by the “Studentenschaft der EBS e.V.” and are meant to be experienced  during studies at EBS. Profit gained by the student body is either reinvested into the association or will be used for charitable purposes.


Strengthen Community / EBS - Spirit

Solidarity, Helpfulness and Individuality

are key elements of our understanding of community as a student at EBS.
Every student experiences respect towards his strengths / abilities and is challenged and supported in those by his peers.

Inspire Personalities

Responsibility, Challenges and Exchange

let us prosper and encourage each other actively to solve targeted challenges in collaboration.
Never forgetting to look outside the box.

Broaden Horizons

 Practical Implementation, Sincerity and Internationality

do not end behind the boards of our campus. Only lived sincerity and internationality are sustainable and shape our behavior in future.

Co - Determination

Committees, Presence and Awareness

Committee work, presence and awareness as a fundament of our democratic committee work and the participation within the student body.


The Student Representitives from the different semesters…

First Row: Tom Beckert, Fabian Gartner, Noah Seibert, Karoline Bax
Last Row: Abinash Dass, Kevin Kügler, Christian Zech, Matthias Rücker

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